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Lower Lipid Effect

From:Junan Hongxin Peanut Products Co., Ltd. Release Date:2016/12/24 Statistics:784


     Peanuts have lipid-lowering effect.

     Peanut itself is a high-energy, high-protein and high-fat plant food, full of cholesterol and trans-fatty acids, and rich in micronutrients, plant sterols, resveratrol, isoflavones, antioxidants and other substances. It has important effects to health, becoming an excellent substitute for milk and meat. It has an important role to balance food diet and improve the nutritional status of Chinese residents.

     Peanut can be eaten in various ways. However, if deep fried, panfried in cooking oil or stir-fried directly with the fire, vitamin E and other nutrients richly contained in peanuts would get greatly damaged. In addition, because the peanut itself contains a lot of vegetable oil, high heat will alter peanut nature. Eating much, eating long by the physically weak, they are easy to get inflamed. Therefore, considering from comprehensive evaluation of health care and taste, it's best to be water stewed. It has characteristics of tepid nature, moist taste, easy to chew in mouth, easy to digest for all ages. If appropriate to add some Chinese medicine together in cooking, food and medicine used would complement each other. Peanut contains unsaturated fatty acids, it has lipid-lowering effect. Peanut oil can be used on weekdays cooking. Peanut shells contain lipid-lowering glycosides, can cure hypercholesterolemia. To be reminded that all patients with hyperviscosity, hypercoagulability, should not eat peanuts. People with biliary diseases are advised to eat less,  no fry.

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