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From:Junan Hongxin Peanut Products Co., Ltd. Release Date:2016/12/24 Statistics:714
Peanut is one of the main products of our company.


     In the international market,  two-kernel big size peanuts are most popular as edible peanuts, among which 10/12 counts per ounce is the best . Peanuts should be shelled clean, removal of dust and impurities when in picking, with no broken kernel and ruptured pod. Skin color and shape is most similar to Virginia peanuts. China big size peanuts basically belong to this type. Colour thick, skin smooth, kernels plump, best seller for baking.


     We are always adhering to the business philosophy of "customer first, qulity first", and also provide high quality services to clients at home and abroad.

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