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Medicinal Values of Peanut

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     In thrombocytopenic purpura, aplastic anemia, hemophilia, von Willebrand disease, congenital hereditary telangiectasia hemorrhagic disease, Glanzmann hemorrhagic disease, peanuts have a certain therapeutic effect. Peanut contains unsaturated fatty acids, so it has a lipid-lowering founction, usually take effect in peanut oil frying.  Peanut skin, a medical material in Chinese medicine, has the effect to cure hemostasis. The effective hemostatic components in peanuts are dissolved into water, so water decoction makes function.

     Peanut shell contains lipid-lowering glycosides, and can cure hypercholesterolemia. Methods: peanut shell 125 grams, simmer in water, take once each day. Peanut can be used to cure expectoration and control cough. Method: Cook peanut kernels 50 grams, rice 100 grams, red dates 50 grams with water into peanuts porridge, and consistenly eat 10~ 15 days.

     To cure the senile chronic bronchitis. Method: peanut 500 grams, sugar 150 grams, mix together with honey, sugar into salted peanuts sauce, and take it everyday.

     To cure the chronic bronchitis and emphysema. Method: Peanut kernels 200 grams, walnuts 200 grams, nuts 100 grams, sweet almond 100 grams, sugar 20 grams, cook into porridge, regular use. 

     To cure dry cough in autumn season. Method: Peanut 50 grams, simmer gently into porridge; add honey 1 spoon.

     Do remind that people with high blood viscosity, blood disease should not eat peanuts, and should eat less for those with biliary disease, no fried food.

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