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Peanuts Storage Methods

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Six essentials of Peanut Storage: 

     1. Fully dried before storage, the moisture content of peanuts need drop below 8%. According to the experiment, if peanuts water content is less than 8%, the storage is very safe, even at  -25℃, not to affect the germination capacity. When the moisture content of peanuts is higher than 10%, respiration action would increase, releasing large amounts of heat, and peanuts are easy to rotten and breed worms.

     2. Improve the purity and remove impurities. Remove of unripe, rotten and ruptured peanut kernels.

     3. Storage site should be after strict disinfection sterilization, moisture prevention and kept in warehouse ventilated and dry.

     4. Storage package should be better to adopt woven bags, jute bags as well, instead of the use of airtight plastic bag storage. Plastic bags in peanuts storage is easy to cause the air stagnation, leading to peanut anaerobic respiration and embryo poisoning. Water moisture out of respiration and uneasy to spread heat is to cause peanuts mildew.

     5. Prohibite together store with peanuts pesticide and fertilizer. Many pesticides and fertilizers are volatile, corrosive for a long time; the peanut embryo cells are to suffer a damaging effect.

     6. To pay attention and mantain frequently check the storage period to see whether peanuts suffer from moisture, insects and rodents harmness and whether peanuts germination potential and germination rate is reduced. Identifying problems, timely handle, to ensure the safe storage of peanuts.

     Seed peanuts are to be stored with pods, which are causally crisp and cracking crustaceous, easy to cause moisture absorption. Improper storage often due to high temperature, humidity, light adverse effects and fungi is to cause a series of problems of peanut fever, mildew, oil rancidity, reduced oil content and loss of viability. When warehousing, strictly control the moisture and temperature. Moisture content of peanuts should be reduced to below 8%, temperature controlled at 20 ℃, airtight storage. Seed peanuts are better to be stored in bags. Pay earlier attention to ventilation, dehumidification, cooling. Peanut shelling is 10 days before sowing, no need more in advance.

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