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Peanut Nutrients

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     The protein content of peanut is 25%--30%, protein in peanut contains eight kinds of amino acids essential for human body. Arginine content is higher than other nuts, and the biological value is higher than soybean. It is advised that: daily consumption of a certain amount of peanuts, peanut oil or peanut products not only can provide a lot of protein, fat and energy but also reduce intake of dietary saturated fat and increase unsaturated fatty acid, greatly promoting the intake in plant protein, dietary fiber, vitamin E, folic acid, potassium, magnesium, zinc and calcium benefitting health nutrition, so as to improve the structure and quality of diet.

     Peanut itself is of high energy, high protein and high lipid plant foods, cholesterol and trans fatty acids, but also rich in micronutrients, plant sterols, resveratrol, isoflavone, antioxidant and other substances, has an important role in health care, more milk, meat food are excellent alternatives, plays an important role in a balanced diet, improve the nutrition and health status of residents Chinese.
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